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History of Preshamel Filters  

Preshamel Filters (Pvt)Ltd was founded in 1967 when Sri Lanka got limited with imported items. Then chambers  were manufactured by the use of Ceramic while only the ceramic cartridges were imported. With the developing technology Preshamel started Manufacturing water filters with 304 quality stainless steel sheets in 1992. Preshamel used relevant technologies and standards in manufacturing products.

Preshamel is of course the main water filter supplier for most of the government departments since 1967. Heating products manufactured by PRESHAMEL such as Stainless Steel Electric Water Boilers and Kettles are holding a market share of 80% . Reason for this is the raw materials used in manufacturing are finest ones and as a result they become international standardised products.
(304 # Stainless steel used in manufacturing are import are from china & Malaysia while the heating elements from Great Britain)


The uniqueness of our product compared to other imported brands

  • Since our product is made out of 304 quality food grade stainless steel there will be no rusts like other imported low quality stainless steel filters distributed in the past months in the north central province . The chambers of our filter is covered up with a 10 year warranty.
  • Since our filter is not transparent it won’t cause any unwanted algae in water invented by sun rays, which happens to water filters manufactured out of plastic.
  • Warranty period of our filters build confidence .
  • Dealers & after sales service island wide.
  • Flexibility of manufacturing due to areas egg :  Filters sent to north central province are made  to reduce hi contents of calcium and fluoride in water .   .
Our product is easy to setup and easy to clean.


Address : No.42, Preshamel Church Road,
Mattakkuliya, Colombo 15

Tel : +94 11 2 521 866 / +94 11 2 524 469
Hot Line : +94 77 22 44 555

E-mail :

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